Since several years, ABR Components is present in the industrial refrigeration sector as a trade and consulting unit. It became the reference point for all those customers who need to easy out their own job.

ABR Components, thanks to the long and healthy partnerships with its suppliers, offers all customers the best choice of products - to fullfil each type of need related to the industrial refrigeration sector.

Thanks to the passion and the long experience of its personnel, ABR Components is highly appreciated for the quality of its work.

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The shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are designed to be installed in the piping of the compressors on industrial refrigeration plants and air conditioning systems in order to erase any kind of vibrations generated by the compressor on the circuit piping system. The Shock absorbers compensate thermal expansions....

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3 way ball valves for carbon dioxide 120 bar

The Three way ball valves are classified “Pressure accessories” in the sense of the Directive PED 2014/68/EU, Article 2, paragraph 5 and are subject of Article 4, paragraph 1, letter c, of the Directive. All the product range is suitable for use with refrigerant R744 (CO2) classified in Article 13, paragraph 1, letter b, of Directive...

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Change over valve 120 bar

Company ABR Components is very happy to present the new changeover valve for the R744 up to 120 bar. This component in the last exhibition Chillventa earned a great success thanks the great possibility of the connection choice and also for the maximum working pressure. The necessity of the customer to have a...

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ABR components and Carbon dioxide

From some years there is a lot of talk about “zero environmental impact” thanks the new refrigerant CO2 or R744 used in the industrial refrigeration market.
CO2 or carbon dioxide is a natural substance, it can be used as refrigerant in several different applications like in heating and cooling area, thanks the high...

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