ABR Components is a trading and consulting company, operating in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

This firm was founded by the will of Antonio e Piero Ragusini in 2011.

In a short time ABR Components has become a real structure with strong bases and knowledge. This, thanks to the passion and the long-time experience of its personnel - gained during several years of work in different structures as well.

By virtue of our engagement in the conventional and special market of CO2 (R744) refrigeration, with high pressure components - we are able to find solutions for every customer’s need.

ABR Components is the official agent and official partner of European and American manufacturers for what concerns refrigeration components and industrial components more in general.

Due to these well contemplated and accurate choices, ABR Components became the landmark for all those customers who look for quality products and search for a skilled and punctual service.

ABR Components manages, in fact, to fulfill requests which usually wouldn’t even be considered.

SEGNAposto_sottomenu_1600X28Operative address: Via Luciano Savio, 1 - 33080 Roveredo in Piano - Pordenone - IT ♦ Legal address: Piazzale Ellero dei Mille 2 -33170 Pordenone -IT