Despite its small dimensions, ABR Components snc is a very dynamic and energetic enterprise operating in the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Throughout the years, the company has always relied on quality suppliers, which allowed ABR to step forward in the market with the dual role of agent/distributor for some of these suppliers.
This way ABR Components benefits of the possibility of better identifying each customer’s need, and therefore, manages to provide a more customized service.
Through our service as distributor/consultant we manage to offer our customers:

  1. Quick and customized services and products.
  2. Logistic transport facilities.
  3. Triangulation logistic services.
  4. Warehouse service for specific period.
  5. Collection of components multitude at our warehouse.

The simple structure of our business makes it extremely easy for our clients to receive the information they need.

ABR Components’ aim is to always ensure a continuous and punctual service to all customers, creating a trustworthy and safe working environment.

As previously mentioned, this also applies to the relationship with our suppliers – whose specialization helps us to guarantee the best quality of our products.Suppliers and relative components are in fact chosen after a long and accurate control and after long business partnership.
The Agent role allows customers, in case of need, to work directly with the producers, and therefore to obtain quicker and more direct solutions.

However, customers will be followed by the personnel of ABR Components in cooperation with the producer.

This double role is thought as a help for all the client - who need a 360°service and a customized attention.

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