Change over valve 120 bar


Company ABR Components is very happy to present the new changeover valve for the R744 up to 120 bar.

This component in the last exhibition Chillventa earned a great success thanks the great possibility of the connection choice and also for the maximum working pressure.

The necessity of the customer to have a components which can work up to so high pressure level gave the chance to the company ABR Components to prepare, thanks an international partnership to project this new valve.

The changeover valve is in Stainless steel and presents the ½” NPT male inlet connection and ½” NPT female outlet connections

The final phase of the project will present the complete range of product with size: 3/8” – 1/2” – 1” – 1.1/4”.

Furthermore, the component was studied in order to solve the problem of the interference between the two safety valves during installation.

This solution permits to our changeover valve to connect all the pressure relief valves in our catalogues up to the pressure of 120 bar.